Why can't I use my AOL Email on this site?

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Why can't I use my AOL Email on this site?

Unread postby Stargate38 » Sun, 27 May 2018, 23:08

I'm really upset at the registration page because I wanted to use my AOL.com email address (it's my main email) to register here, but your anti-spam filter said AOL was on the list of blocked providers. Could you PLEASE let me use it? I don't want to use my Gmail because I use it for private, members-only forums, and I don't want to use it on public sites, even though it's not visible to members. You shouldn't block an entire email provider like that. Please unblock it! :evil:

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Re: Why can't I use my AOL Email on this site?

Unread postby Moonchild » Mon, 28 May 2018, 02:37

AOL as a provider has been blocked as a whole due to the massive spam problem with AOL addresses and lack of response from AOL as a provider to do anything about it or take reasonable steps.
I can make an individual exception for an AOL address for you to register with; send me a private message including the address and I can unblock it and switch your e-mail to the new address (you'll have to re-activate after that to confirm you own the address).
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Re: Why can't I use my AOL Email on this site?

Unread postby TwoTankAmin » Mon, 28 May 2018, 16:23


Are you aware of the new AOL Email policy as it gets rolled into Oath? Fpr years ai wanted nothing to do with AOL ever. The Verizon decided to foist its email services to AOL which is a wholly owned subsidiary, i.e. its Verizon except in name. The AOL email service was a diwngrade. Several times they dumped a few 1,000 of my old emails back through Outlook and I had to spend house deleting them.

I am in the process of moving my email out of AOL. Their new UA requires users to permit them to read one's emails. You either agree or you leave. Can you see the dust trail behind me?

Have a read of this from The Verge, [b]Oath’s new privacy policy allows it to scan your Yahoo and AOL mail for targeted advertising{/b] https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/14/17237864/oath-aol-yahoo-email-privacy-terms-scan-ads
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Re: Why can't I use my AOL Email on this site?

Unread postby Tony0945 » Fri, 13 Jul 2018, 19:10

Same here. I've created new addresses on a private email service (wasatt@*********.com and wasaol@******.com) and am in the process of updating my addresses with my real correspondents.
I had both att.net and aol.com addresses. Soon they will be nothing but spam. I'd rather pay for my domain and e-mail service than let them rummage through and sell my personal data.
Happily, I could piggyback my domain onto another that I own so it's only the additional $25 a year for domain registration and privacy.

Oath. I've got an "oath" for them.

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