forum unavailable this morning (France) Topic is solved

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forum unavailable this morning (France)

Post by laozi » 2018-03-28, 10:44

between 5am and 8am (Paris time), the forum was unavailable,
an error message was displayed but.... I don't remember which one !!!!
was this unavailability real ?

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Re: forum unavailable this morning (France)

Post by newbie3 » 2018-03-28, 11:12

Yes, I had the same problem (in Bulgaria).
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Re: forum unavailable this morning (France)

Post by Moonraker » 2018-03-28, 12:07

i was having an issue too here in the uk."bad gateway" errors.
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Re: forum unavailable this morning (France)

Post by loxodont » 2018-03-28, 13:49

Yes, "bad gateway" and some "nginx" message. May be some euro server down?
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Re: forum unavailable this morning (France)

Post by Moonchild » 2018-03-28, 14:47

The PHP daemon had fallen over without warning or error. Cause unknown, but a simple service restart fixed it.
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