Reminder: please follow the forum rules

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Reminder: please follow the forum rules

Unread post by Admin » 2017-10-02, 11:34

This is a reminder because of the general decrease in signal-to-noise here on the forum lately, to please re-acquaint yourself with the forum rules, especially about how to properly post. We will be enforcing these rules with warnings and bans if you keep breaking them.

Please take a moment to click the "rules" link in the top navigation bar and read (and follow) them.

Specifically, people have been treading on the following points, that need more attention:
  • Quoting previous posts: only quote relevant sections you are replying to, and don't quote the entire post. Also, use common sense when to quote: especially if the post you are replying to is right above it, be as sparse as possible in your quoting. If you can reply without quoting anything and it's still clear, then that is what you should do.
  • Stay on-topic: "I don't want to make a new thread for this other question I have" is no excuse. Please do not do this. Creating a new topic isn't any more work than replying to an existing one. At the very least it will require moderator intervention to split a thread (which is a lot of unnecessary work) and at the worst you're completely derailing a thread. One discussion topic per topic, please.
  • If an issue is marked as "closed", don't continue posting in it unless it is directly relevant, additional information that is essential to the already-solved topic. Otherwise do not post in those threads and make a new one.
Those are the most important ones, but please do read and follow all of the rules we've stated for the board. We will be more strict about this from here on out, because many people who visit the forum will use this as a resource of information.
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