My availability in general

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My availability in general

Post by Moonchild » 2016-09-17, 12:32

Hey folks,

I'm just posting this to let people know that I'm going to (have to) tune down my general availability on the forum to be able to focus on what is, in fact, my job for the project: development, code, design, server administration, and business communication through e-mail.
Of course I'll be available to read and (limited) respond to bug reports and specific issues that require my attention, but will have to withdraw from the more general and philosophical discussions going on on the board because it simply takes too much out of me on top of everything else.

I'll have to leave the operational tasks of the forum in the capable hands of people with moderator capabilities, and have asked lobocursor to step up taking staff e-mail in his sole hands to respond to. If any of the long-term and trusted users of the forum are willing to lend a hand with moderation, please send me a private message and I'll see what we can do. It can be a rather trying task requiring a professional attitude and level head, so please understand what you're stepping up for -- I won't allow MozillaZine-alike dictatorship here.

Thanks for understanding.
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