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Correcting obsolete sections in the roadmap and other documentation

Unread post by TheRealMaestro » 2022-05-11, 19:31

Now that nonsense hour is over and v31 is out, I would like politely to bring up some obsolete sections in Pale Moon’s documentation that I have spotted.
First is in the roadmap, under Extensions and extension API:
The future of Pale Moon is to maintain this general level of compatibility with traditional (XUL) Firefox-targeted extensions (called "Legacy" by Mozilla), and the (intended transitional) dual-ID setup has been removed. This dual-ID allowed developers to target both Pale Moon and (legacy) Firefox with specific code for them in a single package, but as it turned out that is not what people wanted . . . .
Next is the schedule for upcoming releases. It still lists v30 as upcoming and reflects doubt about future versioning that has, thankfully, passed. Moreover, I had asked about the following line:
NOTE: Extensions targeting Firefox and Thunderbird for Basilisk (including ports to Pale Moon) and Interlink respectively may be using this version as an indication of feature capability. However, since it currently set to a non-existent "mozilla" version and WILL progress into existing Gecko/Firefox versions, these extensions may start to increasingly malfunction.
As we have no further business with Basilisk or Interlink, and I understand that this statement is null for Pale Moon, its internal version number for this end being frozen, I think this section is redundant.
Last is the project history in its 2021 and 2022 entries. I am guessing, from the tone and perspective, that you-know-who wrote this. It matches his biases:
. . . the project came under attack from a group of primarily Eastern European/former Soviet state individuals for defending its rights under the Mozilla Public License. . . . Ultimately, this destroyed the possibility of open, collaborative development for the project as a whole. . . . The hard decision was made to stop publishing source code repositories and having public and transparent development progress, and return to a much earlier state of releasing the browser alongside source code snapshots in release state only.
Describing this incident as an assault by gremlins from the Kremlin is quite silly in light of later events. There are other obsolete statements:
UXP was abandoned as a concept . . . .
I think it best for the 2021–22 sections to be written anew, in a more professional voice and to note, in brief, the recent upheaval and Pale Moon’s return to form.
While updating these documents is a low priority—developing the browser itself is much more important—these dated sections have stood out to me, and I see fit to declare them.
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Re: Correcting obsolete sections in the roadmap and other documentation

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-05-11, 20:35

As noted, this kind of documentation tends to take a back seat. I do intend to bring all web content up to speed soon (and as a break from the constant coding I've had to do for a while) now that v31 is out and I've hopefully spent the last of my time on the Tobin drama.
TheRealMaestro wrote:
2022-05-11, 19:31
Next is the schedule for upcoming releases.
This schedule page was one of Tobin's puppies and as such has immediately fallen by the wayside. However, anything on the developer website is easily edited and git controlled through ... ne-content and can be easily edited/updated by anyone willing by making pull requests.
I personally don't see myself updating that page with any regularity because, frankly, I never asked for it or any other high maintenance page being present on the developer site which was primarily made to be a documentation repository for static instructions and data.
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