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Forum to home page switch

Unread post by Al6bus » 2019-05-14, 10:55

Windows 7 Pro x64 - Pale Moon x86
We hope for e10s(multiprocessing) or another alternative implementation :)

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Re: Forum to home page switch

Unread post by satrow » 2019-05-14, 14:39

You missed the note:
Moonchild wrote:
2019-04-17, 22:44
The forum has been migrated to phpBB 3.2.
Unfortunately this required a semi-clean install since the regular upgrade process was (yet again) a total bust for upgrading to a next point release. This was however necessary so our php installation can be upgraded to php7, something the previous point release did not support.

All themes have been disabled except for the stock prosilver at this time, because of the need to recreate them for phpBB 3.2.

Several extension-based functions (like marking a topic solved, etc.) have also been disabled or removed until 3.2 compatible alternatives can be instated -- if they exist in the first place.

It will take some time to get things slotted back into place on the forum. Please bear with us.