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Super fast Palemoon

Unread post by MarcVH » 2016-03-09, 19:20


I have been using Firefox(x32 and x64), Waterfox(x64), Opera(x64), Chrome, Yandex, Edge nut....
Pale Moon is by far the fastest x64 web brower.




Re: Super fast Palemoon

Unread post by Thehandyman1957 » 2016-03-10, 04:07

Thank you, and welcome to Pale Moon :thumbup:


Re: Super fast Palemoon

Unread post by Cyphox » 2016-03-14, 03:19

Same here, i'm using a "not-so-fast" Notebook with Intel Graphics and an N2820, i tried several forks like Cyberfox, Waterfox, IceDragon etc., the only one were i noticed a significant speedup in browser-handling (opening options, configuring add-ons and stuff etc) and website loading is Pale Moon. All the others, including "vanilla" Firefox, always need 1 or 2 seconds of respite when doing stuff.


Re: Super fast Palemoon

Unread post by Virgilio » 2016-03-15, 08:54

Totally agree, cheers!! :clap:

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Pale Moon Rising
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Knows the dark side
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Re: Super fast Palemoon

Unread post by Pale Moon Rising » 2016-03-17, 07:13

One of the many reasons to like PM. :thumbup: :clap: (PM is the only browser that I've used that can open my start-page lightning fast and without any nagging problems of any kind doing so, all others I've used will generally have annoying intermittent issues of one kind or another involving timing while loading the page. And to boot, I'm able to make the browser functionality and interface "look and feel" far more to my liking than any other browser as well. :thumbup:) Undeniably the best all-around browser, hands down!!! :clap:
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