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Something is not being updated correctly

Posted: 2015-10-27, 15:44
by ThirdTryCharm
I have three win8.1 devices.
Surface x64, win8.1pro, laptop x64 win8.1, Asus x86 win8.1 all on a home LAN, all works well.
I have a backup USB drive on the laptop that is shared and mapped as drive Q: for both the Surface and Asus.
Main machine is the Surface that I have installed PalemoonPortable (PMP).
At night I copy the entire PMP folder to Q:
In the morning I start the Asus and Restore the entire PMP Folder from Q: to synch with yesterday's use of PMP on the Surface.
When I try to run PMP on the Asus it flashes the splash-screen then slams PMP shut with no message.
I then overwrote PMP on the Asus with a new unzip of PMP install and it works fine. So I copied JUST the "User" folder from Q: - BUT it does NOT show the same Bookmarks as I had been using yesterday on the Surface. It seems like the FileAge may be being manipulated so it doesn't get overwritten. Or, maybe the Archive Attribute is being set/not-set or something. Or, maybe SQLite is rolling the data back for some reason.

With the not running problem, I have no idea why PMP slams shut on the Asus after the folder is copied as this used to work just fine a few weeks back and has been working for the prior six months. Nothing has changed on the Asus that I am aware of.

Re: Something is not being updated correctly

Posted: 2015-10-27, 15:50
by New Tobin Paradigm
Isn't this exactly why we have Pale Moon Sync?

Re: Something is not being updated correctly

Posted: 2015-11-08, 22:18
by ThirdTryCharm
Isn't that exactly why you must be logged into the synch-server?

Re: Something is not being updated correctly

Posted: 2015-11-09, 16:33
by squarefractal
Sync is the easiest manner in which you can transfer data between Pale Moon installations. (The data is stored as encrypted blobs on the server, so the server has no knowledge regarding the contents of your data, if that's what's you're actually hinting at.) So, you might want to use sync instead of copying files.

As for your issues, it might be happening due to profile corruption issues and such.