Palemoon-Portable.ini consequences

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Palemoon-Portable.ini consequences

Post by alan9182 » 2012-05-05, 21:36

When the download is first extracted it builds code and stuff in many folders,
but nothing in the users profile.

When Palemoon-Portable.exe is first launched then the user profile is built and presumably affected by Palemoon-Portable.ini
You detail user changes that may be applied to Palemoon-Portable.ini at

Do any such user changes have any affect outside of the user profile ?

Does the User Profile configuration remain fixed after it has been first built, regardless of any changes to Palemoon-Portable.ini ?

If the User Profile is updated due to a change of Palemoon-Portable.ini, will everything be consistent, or would it be better to delete the profile so it is rebuilt ?