Bug Report :- "Save Files To" is unrelated to reality

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Bug Report :- "Save Files To" is unrelated to reality

Post by alan9182 » 2012-04-14, 10:11

Unexpected feature of at least Palemoon-Portable-9.2.exe and Palemoon-Portable-11.0.1.exe, and possible all other versions

This is the natural default state of Palemoon without any user customisation or changes to Palemoon-Portable.ini,
and without any add-ons.

When I click on Tools -> Options -> General
I see checked the option "Always ask me where to save files",
and unchecked is the option "Save Files To" and the greyed out destination is Downloads.
This is not the "downloads" you are looking for :crazy:
When I check the option and Browse I then find It is actually designating
E:\Portable\PaleMoon\Downloads is the reality of where the downloaded files arrive.

When I download from the Internet I can at that point tell the download manager a different destination and it will oblige.
BUT the same old lies are told by Tools -> Options -> General

As mentioned elsewhere :-
I have a brand new installation of Windows 7 Ultimate + SP1 on a 59 GB SSD,
with an old 1 TB MBR HDD which held my previous Win7, and a 600 GB GPT HDD holding partitions E:\ and G:\.

I previously forgot to mention that my hardware and my Operating System is 64 bit,
but my focus is on 32 versions of Palemoon Portable.

Looking Forward to Palemoon version v 11.0,2 :wink:


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Re: Bug Report :- "Save Files To" is unrelated to reality

Post by Moonchild » 2012-04-14, 10:17

This has already been addressed in a different thread, but thanks for reporting it again.
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