PM 24.7.1 and Java and Flash

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PM 24.7.1 and Java and Flash

Post by miki86 » 2014-09-05, 17:03

Hi, today i switched to Pale Moon since the support of Firefox ESR 24.x is gone, and i wont use the crappy australis gui and the new download window.

Is amazing and fast, i choose the portable version since i tend to use everything portable for convenience, but i've find an issue with external puglins.

Now with the Firefox portable esr 24.7.0 i'm able to recognize both flash and jportable. all the tools are placed inside the folder portableapps, while the java is located in portableapps/commonsfiles/java, flash is portableapps/commonsfiles/falsh/files and firefox esr in portableapps/firefoxportableESR.
So i put plae moon x64 portable into the same root but it wont recosgize the plugins, however i've partially solved moving the flash files into the palemoon/lib/mozilla/plugins but for Java there is nothing to do (yes i tried to copy the whole java portable folder into palemoon/lib/java/bin/new_plugin but wont work (both x86 and x64).

Jportable version is this:

Any tips or suggestion?


Re: PM 24.7.1 and Java and Flash

Post by buggy » 2014-09-14, 07:53

Moderator note: Marked off-topic, the request was to help with getting it to work, not a question if they should or should not use it.