Disabling automatic bookmark backups? Solved!

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Disabling automatic bookmark backups? Solved!

Post by petrus » 2014-05-10, 18:16

I wanted to ask how to disable the automatic creation of bookmark backup files in:

& C:\palemoonportable\User\Palemoon\Profiles\Default\bookmarkbackups

Then i figured it out while typing the question!

1. set "browser.bookmarks.max_backups" to 0
2. delete all .json files in both folders (important)
3. start Palemoon-Portable.exe and they won't be recreated

And to prevent the "Backups" folder itself from being recreated:

1. open the "Palemoon-Portable.ini"

2. change line 45 (under [Functions])
from: DirCreate=%MOZILLA_PLUGINS%|$Download$|$Backup$\$AppName$
to: DirCreate=%MOZILLA_PLUGINS%|$Download$\$AppName$

3. And delete lines 68 and 69 (under [RunAfter]), those two:
line 68: ;(make bookmark backups)
line 69: DirCopy=%MOZ_PROFILE_PATH%\bookmarkbackups|$Backup$\$AppName$|o

4. (optional) You can also delete the following lines to not backup passwords:
;(make password backups)

Posted anyway for future reference...