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Download folder

Posted: 2020-07-05, 17:23
by Davie
Hi, I have been using Pale Moon Portable for some time but one thing has me stumped. I have selected a folder for downloads (D:\TEMP) and this works fine except when I right click an item and saveas, the download then goes to a folder within Pale Moon portable.
Can I somehow change this so all goes to D:\TEMP ?

Thank you.

Re: Download folder

Posted: 2020-07-05, 20:07
by gepus
Try the following:
Open user.js (it's located in the "Default" sub-folder of Pale Moon's "Profiles" folder) and change the path for "".

user_pref("", "D:\\TEMP");

Re: Download folder

Posted: 2020-07-05, 21:32
by coffeebreak
To make your chosen path stick, you must first edit some options in the portable version's ".ini".
(Please review these threads: Some advanced options and Pale Moon resets SAVE path.)

In Portable Pale Moon's main folder, copy the file Palemoon-Portable.ini and name the copy user.ini .
User.ini is the file to edit.

Open user.ini with a text editor and comment out each of the (3) options that pertain to downloads
(they'll be under ** User preferences ** and ** Global preferences **), by adding a leading semicolon to each one, as below in red.

;(download directory)


Re: Download folder

Posted: 2020-07-06, 01:19
by gepus
I must got old and forgetfully.
Thanks for reminding of user.ini. I managed to forget about it in spite of having it sitting in my Pale Moon folder. :)