'./profiles.ini' not automatic?

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Re: './profiles.ini' not automatic?

Post by gggirlgeek » 2019-07-01, 11:29

markfilipak wrote:
2019-05-27, 21:42

[In Profiles.ini]....
are the same. I do that to force PM to prompt me -- it prevents PM from immediately fully opening when the Linux VM runs. I know I could remove PM from applications that automatically run on Linux boot, but I prefer to do it this way.
Thanks for the tip! I didn't know this. I have always used the "-P" modifier in a shortcut, as well as making sure "Start with last profile" is disabled in the profile manager. I will try this in hopes that Palemoon/Firefox doesn't overwrite it.

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Re: './profiles.ini' not automatic?

Post by markfilipak » 2019-07-02, 02:30

gggirlgeek wrote:
2019-07-01, 11:20
... I am slowly converting to the Portableapps format but the launcher-style makes it a pain to use multiple profiles.
I assume that creating a dummy/duplicate profile has solved that problem.
... For security, I also like being prompted by the profile manager before external apps open my browser.
Indeed. That's why I use my dummy/duplicate profile trick.
I simply create a symbolic link to the "Pale moon" folder that contains "Profiles" in %userprofile%/AppData/Moonchild Productions/ (same with %userprofile%/AppData/Mozilla/.) For example: "C:/Users/Me/Moonchild Productions/Pale moon/". My real Pale Moon folder is in "P:/Portable/Pale moon/userdata/Pale Moon/."
Well, I took a different tac. I created a VHD (virtual hard disk), 'Palemoon portable (Linux).vhd', which is auto-mounted in my Linux VM. I also keep my profile(s) on that VHD. So far I've had no problems. The only complication is that clicking on a link in email doesn't work anymore. Pale Moon does open, but I have to paste the link into the URL bar. Oh, well. I can live with that. The bonuses:
1, I can copy 'Palemoon portable (Linux).vhd' (which backs up Pale Moon & my profiles(s) in one shot), and
2, I can mount 'Palemoon portable (Linux).vhd' in the Windows host and explore it (and fix it) if I have problems with it, and
3, I can use the same VHD for various Linux VMs.