Certificate Manager Import/Export buttons do not work

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Certificate Manager Import/Export buttons do not work

Post by MrJoe » 2018-11-14, 16:47

Operating system: WinPE ADK 1809 - PXE Boot
Browser version: Pale Moon 28.1.0
32-bit or 64-bit?: 64-bit (32-bit untested)
Problem URL: N/A
Theme: Default
Installed add-ons: None
Installed plugins: No installed plugins found

I am unable to use the import/export certificate functions in Certificate Manager. The button visibly clicks but nothing visibly happens (no window, no error, no crash or hang) I have included a screenshot for completeness.

All the other buttons in Certificate Manager seem to work properly.

Palemoon has been copied into the image at \Program Files\PaleMoon so that it executes from the RAM drive. The RAM drive has 512MB of scratch space.

This is not urgent for us, since we worked around the issue by enabling support for Windows Certificate Store and adding our internal CA certs there.

Please let me know if there is any additional information you would find useful.
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