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Portable loader!

Posted: 2017-10-15, 13:51
by petrus
Just for everyone's information, roytam1 (famous from the XP port) created a nice portable loader, quote:

Extract all contents (both EXE and TXT) in the place where palemoon.exe lives. Run portable-loader.exe for portable mode.

portable-loader.exe is scriptable loader(loading same-named TXT script) written in NSIS. Source is avaiable here:
Another, old fashioned way would be to simply use a batch file, such as:

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start "" palemoon.exe -no-remote -profile .\profile
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Both methods will store and use the "palemoon\profile" folder for your profile data, instead of a folder in Application Data somewhere.

Re: Portable loader!

Posted: 2017-10-18, 01:50
by c-sanchez
The loader works nice, unfortunately this don't works with the browser launched from external links as default browser :(