PMP and Silverlight

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PMP and Silverlight

Post by planejumper73 » 2016-02-01, 04:51

I can't get any videos on Netflix to play. The Netflix website keeps telling me that I need to install Silverlight, which is already installed (Silverlight 5). Can anyone help?

Operating system:
Windows 7 Home Premium

Browser version:
Latest of Pale Moon Portable 64 bit (not sure what version that is, but I just installed the latest version a couple weeks ago)

Problem URL:

Better URL Bar 6.1-signed
Classic Reload-Stop-Go Button
Download Helper
Flash and Video Download 1.79
Flashblock 1.5.20
Fox Tab
Google Docs Viewer
HTML Notifications 1.2.4
HTTPS-Everywhere 5.1.2
IDM CC 7.3.101
Image Preview
keyword.URL Hack! 0.4.0
LastPass 3.2.42
Pale Moon Commander 1.7.3
Print Edit 16.4
Private Tab 0.1.9
QuickJava 2.0.5
Restart 1.2.8
Search Image Everywhere 1..1-signed
Search Preview 8.8
Social Fixer 12.0
Social Reviver 4.4.8
Stylish 1.4.3
Tab Utilities
Thumbnail Zoom Plus 3.7
Toolbar Buttons 1.1.1-signed
Who Deleted Me 0.2.22
Windows Media Player Extension for Firefox 1.1
YouTube Control Center 0.3.4
YouTube High Definition 44.1
Adblock Edge
Adblock Latitude
Adblock Plus
Add to Amazon Wish List Button 1.10.1-signed
Awesome Screenshot Capture and Annotate
checkCompatibility 1.3.1-signed
css-live-reloader 1.0.1-signed
Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus
HTTPS-Everywhere 5.0.7
PDF Viewer
Photo Zoom for Facebook 1.1312.1.2
Scroll To Top
Stylish-Custom 1.4.1a
Thumbnail Zoom
Translate This! 3.0.3

Java Deployment Toolkit 8.0.660.18 (ask to activate)
Shockwave Flash (always activate)
Silverlight Plug-in 5.1.41212.0 (always activate)
Unity Player (always activate)
Java(TM) Platform SE 8 U66 11.66.218 (never activate)
NPLastPass (never activate)

BlackFox V2 2.1.9
BlackFox V2-Blue 2.3.4
Default 25.3.1
LavaFox V2-Blue 2.3.4


Re: PMP and Silverlight

Post by LunaPallooza » 2016-02-20, 08:56

Wow, that's a lot of Addons.

I don't think they would interfere with Plugins, but have you tried restarting with the Addons Disabled?
Otherwise, I don't have an answer for that, and hopefully there is an answer that someone else can supply that will help.
But just in case you weren't aware, according to MC here ... ... 5e198eb9f6
Pale Moon Portable does NOT:
  • - Have desktop integration of any kind.
    - Have file/URL associations with the desktop.
    - Support pinning to the taskbar.
    - Allow you to choose and remember download locations other than in the designated downloads folder.
    - Work nice with system-installed plugins.
    - Have desktop integration of any kind. (yes I already said it, but apparently this all-encompassing statement needs repeating!)
Note - your version of PM can be found in the menu bar under - Help > About Pale Moon