Palemoon can't display pages after long use.

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Palemoon can't display pages after long use.

Post by Kamuisuki » 2021-02-18, 16:06


When i start the browser, everything's ok,

By the way, many times after 2 or 3 hours, (event if i don't do anythings on it , but lets it open) when i'm trying to load
a webpage, browser is loading forever that page.
If i close Palemoon , then go to the website again, the website load fully .
That can be any website (YT, google, Netscape, forums, ..)and i don't have many tab opened on it (around 1 to 8 daily)

This is like there is a timeout after X hours using the browser.
I have no ram memory issues, cpu usage issues or other with the process.
And other programs using web are online.

Have a nice day ^^

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