Please read before suggesting core features

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Please read before suggesting core features

Post by Moonchild » 2014-09-10, 08:57

Before you take your time to suggest a feature to be added to the Pale Moon browser as a core feature, please take a moment to think over the following questions. Doing so will save everyone time. In general, you should keep in mind: The Pale Moon core feature set is one that is presented to every single Pale Moon user. Also: Pale Moon is extensible by nature -- extensions (especially XUL/classic ones) act very much like an extension to the core in that it performs at (almost) the same native level as core features in the browser itself. Extensibility by way of add-ons is an inherent part of Pale Moon and should not be avoided.
  1. Is the suggested feature specific to your workflow?
    If so, you have to think about how it would affect people who do things differently, and how many people are likely to use the same workflow you do. Evaluate your own browsing behavior before suggesting this kind of feature.
  2. Is the suggested feature culturally neutral?
    Keep in mind that Pale Moon users come from all walks of life everywhere in the world. Core features should apply to everyone and not be regionally or culturally bound where possible.
  3. How "advanced use" is the suggested feature?
    While I wholly welcome power users and gurus to use Pale Moon, any added feature should still be easy to understand for most anyone.
  4. Are there multiple existing solutions to what the suggestion addresses?
    You can call this "technical neutrality". If there are clear choices a user can make from e.g. existing add-ons to get the feature implemented in different ways, with different levels of granularity or catering to different situations, then the feature is likely less suitable for inclusion in the browser core. User choice is an important driver for Pale Moon.
  5. Does the suggestion improve overall quality of the browser?
    A suggestion for a core feature should improve overall quality or convenience for the user in the broadest sense of the word and applicable to a majority of the Pale Moon users.
  6. Does the suggestion hinder the download and display of any content?
    Pale Moon should enable and promote the download of web content, not prevent it. This applies to any content, including commercial content that might be considered "superfluous" or "undesired". As such, the Pale Moon browser core will not be a good place to put any "blocking" features (ad blockers, script blockers, etc.)
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