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Unread post by Artephius » 2013-09-17, 18:21

The Quickdial page is pretty awesome. Would it be possible to implement some customization to it? Maybe # of webpages linked to, or the option of manually choosing which webpage is displayed?

I now use it a lot more than bookmarks and leave the bookmarks for less frequently used websites and I feel it has so much potential to be even more useful!

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Re: Quickdial

Unread post by Moonchild » 2013-09-17, 19:17

You can drag and drop the thumbnails to order them, you can pin certain ones you always want to see and you can remove ones you don't want with the "x". Play around with it a little :)
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Re: Quickdial

Unread post by fred8615 » 2013-09-17, 22:33

And you can also add (or even delete) the number of rows and columns using about:config. I got 20.x to display 100 once! One of the many reasons I'm using PM x64 instead of IE10. It only goes up to 25, and you have to edit the registry to get that!


Re: Quickdial

Unread post by MilesAhead » 2014-01-15, 13:18

How to add a new dial when the dials are full? I keep hitting delete but there may be 200 old dials for all I know.