Flashing circle at located text

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Flashing circle at located text

Post by Kudalufi » 2019-07-29, 22:47

The CTRL-F find functionality, over the last couple years, has become increasingly frustrating to use. Not necessarily because of issues with Pale Moon, but because of web site design/

The feature where the page scrolls to the "location" of the text to find is good, and so is the fact that Pale Moon highlights the text. But on a busy page, or where a page's colour scheme makes the text highlighing difficult to see, it is often still quite hard to actually locate the text you just searched for and found. Also, web page design such as it it, almost half the time now the "found" text isn't actually visible at all. It's faded out into elipses or exists as mouse-over text.

If anyone is like me, there is nothing more frustrating that looking for a key word, otensibly Pale Moon finds it, and still not being able to see the darn thing.

I would like to suggest a feature where Pale Moon puts a big ole flashing circle around where searched for text is located. At least, put a circle around where Pale Moon thinks it is. This way if it's just hard to see in clutter, it becomes easy to locate. If it's not actually visible after all, you'll be able to tell that immediately too and can start mousing over the right elements.
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Re: Flashing circle at located text

Post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2019-07-29, 23:02

Sounds like a great idea for an Extension.

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Re: Flashing circle at located text

Post by Admin » 2019-07-30, 08:26

While the browser does its best to determine whether the text you search for is actually -visible- on the page, I've seen several websites where you can get matches that aren't actually displayed on the page (although they are in the content). It's also possible that this is happening which is why you wouldn't see it.
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Re: Flashing circle at located text

Post by Goodydino » 2019-09-15, 21:01

If I use the Find bar to search for something and it is present, it gets highlighted. It is easy to see. Does that not work with the Windows version of PM? You can also change the colours of the highlights to make them easier to see. The settings:

Code: Select all

user_pref("ui.textHighlightBackground", "#CC00CC");
user_pref("ui.textHighlightForeground", "#FDF5E6");
user_pref("ui.textSelectBackground", "#AFCFFF");
user_pref("ui.textSelectBackgroundAttention", "#88FF88");
user_pref("ui.textSelectForeground", "#000000");
user_pref("ui.textSelectForegroundAttention", "#000000");
The first two lines are for the "Highlight All" in the Findbar.
The third and fifth lines are for the normal text highlight.
The fourth and sixth lines are for the individual highlight from the Findbar.
Those are the colours that I use, but you can change them to suit. The great thing about setting the highlights that way is that they exchange foreground and background depending on whether the background of the page is dark or light, so they always stand out.

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