Wait till authentication complete before prompting to save password

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Wait till authentication complete before prompting to save password

Post by moonbat » 2019-07-22, 15:38

On Palemoon (and Firefox, since that's where the original behavior was seen), the prompt to save credentials for a site shows up the moment you submit the form - on Chrome it only does if the login moves to the next page. Since most login pages use AJAX to prompt for incorrect password and only move on if successful, I'm guessing that's how Chrome decides to pop up the prompt.
Since we're anyway forked from Firefox for years now, maybe this behavior could be added here as well? I don't know if Firefox mimics Chrome's behavior in this regard as well or continues with how it used to be before.
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Re: Wait till authentication complete before prompting to save password

Post by Moonchild » 2019-07-22, 21:32

I'm afraid it's not that simple. When submitting a form is the -only- time you can be certain that entered credentials are passed as-is.
How will the browser know when "authentication is complete"? Any website can implement this differently.
e.g.: If the website is fully dynamic it may not even fire a navigation event in which case you won't ever have the option to save the password if going by that behavior.

There is also no requirement to immediately answer the question to store the password or not, and you can do so at your leisure after the page has loaded and you've verified the login succeeded...

Our current behavior is fine; I'm not inclined to change it.
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