Privacy Tweaks - about:config + add-ons?

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Privacy Tweaks - about:config + add-ons?

Unread post by fatboy » 2019-03-20, 05:29

Good Day Community,

I recently came across this website
Here I found a couple of interesting tweaks for

about:config and

I did see that some of these about:config tweaks are already on by default for PM and Basilisk, I was wondering about the others? Should they be included?
The add-ons are relatively general knowledge at this point and I PM + Basilisk have got them covered.

Any additional feedback/tweaks/add-on suggestions are welcome.

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New Tobin Paradigm
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Re: Privacy Tweaks - about:config + add-ons?

Unread post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2019-03-20, 10:58

They are idiots like all the other preconfigured preference whores.

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Re: Privacy Tweaks - about:config + add-ons?

Unread post by Moonchild » 2019-03-20, 11:17

Use defaults for preferences wherever possible.
  • They are set that way for a reason.
  • What applies to Firefox might not apply to other applications.
  • You will likely cripple/break/negatively impact your browsing experience.
  • Most of the preconfigured "tweak" setups floating about are both outdated and misinformed.
  • If you're changing preferences you don't know the exact consequences of, then you're being a dumbass. Please don't be a dumbass.
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Re: Privacy Tweaks - about:config + add-ons?

Unread post by therube » 2019-03-20, 11:54

Perfect example, redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
(Your link even sets some other "referer" prefs - and mentions "if you notice significant breakage"...)

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