Add media autoplay to permissions manager

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Add media autoplay to permissions manager

Unread post by Cassette » 2018-09-27, 12:27

I think that the media autoplay control needs to have more granular control. While many sites start autoplaying videos with sound that aren't wanted, there are also sites that we want to watch the videos and sometimes the media autoplay settings prevent some of them from being able to play at all. I tried to find an extension that could control this behavior, but the closest I can find is a button you can press when you want to switch back and forth. That gets to be a bit tedious. Firefox is actually adding such a feature in an upcoming release. I don't know if any of that code could be applied, but I think this makes sense to add as a core feature. It's an annoyance not much unlike pop-up windows with are controllable by the permissions manager.

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