Extreme browsing speed with automatic AMP page redirect

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Extreme browsing speed with automatic AMP page redirect

Unread post by hostblocker » 2018-09-23, 15:14

There is a HTML standard called AMP for significant faster website rendering.
AMP version

If you check the HTML source of the example page, you find a tag “amphtml” pointing the the faster pager.

There is a Firefox “AMP Browser Extension” extension, doing an automatic redirect
but it is “too new” vor Pale Moon.
Would be great if Pale Moon would do this redirect natively.

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Re: Extreme browsing speed with automatic AMP page redirect

Unread post by yami_ » 2018-09-23, 19:27

IIRC this was designed for mobile phones, because creating a custom HTML5-based markup language and making it display correctly by reinterpreting the web page using JavaScript is the right way to fix limited processing power of mobile devices... Also it will be faster than a normal web page only if you live near one of the AMP cache server.
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Re: Extreme browsing speed with automatic AMP page redirect

Unread post by Isengrim » 2018-09-24, 00:47

AMP isn't exactly a standard, it's a Google-made-and-sponsored technology for, as yami_ put it, faster rendering on mobile devices. It's probably doable enough to make something like this with a userscript or XUL extension.

If you're looking for ways to view news articles with less clutter, there are other solutions, such as adblockers, or (incoming shameless self-plugging) the Reader View extension.
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Re: Extreme browsing speed with automatic AMP page redirect

Unread post by Moonchild » 2018-09-24, 08:20

So what exactly is the suggestion or feature request here?

We're already aware of AMP which is no different than mobile-specific versions of web pages, only differing in how they are created. It's not designed for desktop use as already pointed out, and favoring it for a desktop user is not the right thing to do, so... ?
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