Add support for U2F

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Add support for U2F

Unread post by Ninkasi » 2018-08-01, 19:46

I was wondering if there are plans to add built-in support for U2F in an upcoming release of Pale Moon? I know it was added in FireFox recently. This older post mentions modifying a FireFox extension:
but it would be nice if it were just built-in and worked out of the box.

I use Pale Moon as my primary browser (since early 2014) but if I want to use U2F I need to go back to FireFox, for those instances at least. I would rather just use Pale Moon for everything.


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Re: Add support for U2F

Unread post by Moonchild » 2018-08-01, 20:50

As usual, if it's for a particular workflow and an extension exists for it, then the extension route is the way to go.
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