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Unread post by Stilez » 2018-07-20, 09:27

I'm not sure where to post this, but it's worth asking.

Looking back at my desktop backups, I realise that I have a large number of Firefox extensions from the XUL/XPCOM days, going all the way back to Firefox v4. I don't know what license they are under, but my impression is that most are under some kind of open source/reuse-friendly license. Looking at the list on this website, I suspect most are not linked there, meaning that if they're pruned from Mozilla addons, they're basically no longer accessible to PM users.

If I clean, deduplicate, and zip up the extensions I have, can the project make use of them?

If the project can't use them, I'd like to see them find a good long-term home on some easily found FTP/DL server, where anyone who wants can look down the list and cherrypick the files they need, and would like to hear from anyone who can do this.

I can't say what it includes at the moment or how much space it needs - probably not huge - but it's quite a lot, some packed as XPI and some expanded, because it includes extensions I tried from time to time, different versions, etc. It's a complete random grab-bag suited to intense browser use :) Some I know were withdrawn from AMO and ceased to be available in the past. But it's in no sense a spider or full site download of AOM - it's just those DLs Ive myself used or tested.

On a side-note, if the response is that AMO still hosts them, so they aren't needed, do we actually have access to a backup of pre-Quantum extensions and themes outside AMO (and their docs/details from AMO if licenses allow), in case they're all abruptly purged one day? And is this info visible in the docs/FAQ/browser addons tab?
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Re: Extensions archive

Unread post by therube » 2018-07-20, 10:59

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