Different Home Page for PM Portable

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Different Home Page for PM Portable

Unread post by 1210_bex » 2018-06-03, 05:55

This thread is a variation of the "Different icons for PM Desktop & PM Portable" thread from 2014, which is marked Solved and is closed.

The different icon is a clever idea, and I have incorporated Moonchild's red icon on the attached file.

But I want to change the default Home page, because when I am moving back and forth between Portable and Desktop version,s the small icon is not quickly visible. On the attached, I have created a Home Page which clearly incorporates the word "Portable" across a red moon. That is shown on the top image. The second image shows in Preferences that I just created an image on a website that I own, and used that image for my Home Page. The problem is, it does not scale, so it is not as neat as the default supplied by Pale Moon.

The third image I found in about:config. I'm not smart enough to know if I could change this in some way to create what I want.

So I am looking for suggestions on how to change within Pale Moon the Portable's default Home page image to what I am using.


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Re: Different Home Page for PM Portable

Unread post by SpockFan02 » 2018-06-03, 19:24

browser.startup.homepage determines the home page, yes. Pale Moon Portable uses its own profile, right? If so, changing that preference in your Portable profile should let you set any URL you want for your Portable home page, including local file paths.