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Suggestion for General Support section

Unread postby tenseys » Fri, 20 Apr 2018, 12:01

I have a suggestion for the General Support section of the forum.

In that section, there are a number of helpful Announcement sticky type threads at the top including:

IMPORTANT! Information to include when asking for support

Many people miss this though and often won't even include seemingly common sense basic stuff (and stuff that would be helpful to know) like version of browser and operating system. So then people who want to help often have to request this information which slows down the thread interaction and I think sometimes sorta wastes time. Sometimes a problem can likely be identified if the version of PM is known should it be older/certain version or if there is a specific issue with an OS (like Win 10 and HEVC) and then possible solutions can be offered rapidly with a little more confidence than just guessing.

Anyway, I'm not suggesting any giant change but I was thinking...

When you click "New Topic" to start a new thread in the General Support section, you are greeted with this message (which is also at the top of forum section):

"This board is for technical/usage questions and troubleshooting for the Pale Moon browser only. The main focus here is on Pale Moon on Windows. Please direct your questions for Linux, Android and Mac to the dedicated boards.
Technical issues and questions not related to the Pale Moon browser should be posted in "technical chat"
Please keep off-topic and general discussion out of this board, thank you!"

My suggestion is to include or add a bolded sentence to this that requests that posters please include (at a minimum) the version of PM and OS they are using along with their question. Then maybe include a small link that takes you to the that link above stating see here for other information that you may also wish to include or that may be requested (or something like that). Of course, that link above would still stay in the top part of forum in the announcements.

Anyway, just a suggestion.
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Re: Suggestion for General Support section

Unread postby New Tobin Paradigm » Thu, 26 Apr 2018, 05:01

It is a good idea. It may even happen. Though, I doubt it will make much difference. Most people don't read anything and are on perpetual output only mode. It gets so bad that sometimes when people ask questions and they get answered the reiterate their question again and again and again in the very same thread.

People also refuse to search the forum or give up if it isn't the Top-A result or simply lie about it when told they should search the forum.

I really don't know what solutions will work in this day and age on the side of dealing with people... I don't think it is that kind of world anymore or maybe it never was..
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