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Framework changes?

Unread postby Tomaso » Mon, 09 Apr 2018, 14:21

Raymond Hill (uBO author) recommends some changes to Pale Moon's framework, to prevent false positives in relation to filtering.
Don't know if such changes are reasonable, or even possible.. but you can find more info on the subject here:

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Re: Framework changes?  [Closed]

Unread postby JustOff » Mon, 09 Apr 2018, 15:31

Tomaso wrote:Raymond Hill (uBO author) recommends some changes to Pale Moon's framework

You understood him completely wrong. You just have to add behind-the-scene to the whitelist until someone smart enough updates uBlock legacy (or its fork) so that it can filter behind-the-scene requests as accurately as uBlock WebExtension 1.15.20+.
Here are the add-ons I made in a spare time. That was fun!

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