How to resize dialog 'Page Bookmarked'?

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How to resize dialog 'Page Bookmarked'?

Unread postby wildchild » Fri, 24 Nov 2017, 08:08

I have gathered a large number of bookmarks. In the dialog 'Page Bookmarked' I can see 8 lines of my bookmarks only and do have to use the scroll bar a lot. Is there a way to resize the dialog window?

A second issue is the limited number of bookmark locations used recently. It is 5 entries by default. Can this be changed to 15 somehow?

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Re: How to resize dialog 'Page Bookmarked'?

Unread postby JustOff » Fri, 24 Nov 2017, 13:32

Here are the add-ons I made in a spare time. That was fun!

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