Add options for advanced MIME types editing  [Closed]

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Add options for advanced MIME types editing

Post by aegis » 2017-06-02, 09:07

I would like to have an option, in the application section of the preferences menu, for an advanced MIME types editing, that permits to manually add/remove mimetypes, set the actions and the default applications.

You could see some example in the old version of Seamonkey: ... Monkey_1.x

There is also a (very) old extension for firefox, no more avable from official channels:
but you can't select the default application, and it's a really buggy extension.

I found difficult to edit manually the mimeTypes.rdf file propely.

I also have an issue whit torrent files that make the text editor the default program for open them, so when I open a torrent file from the download button menu, it will be opened ever with the text editor instead the program I choose. So having an option thac can also manage the default application in Pale Moon could be useful to resolve quickly issues similar to this one.

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Re: Add options for advanced MIME types editing  [Closed]

Post by Moonchild » 2017-06-09, 14:15

This kind of functionality really does belong in an extension, not in the core.
Perhaps someone can revive the old extension for Firefox in a Pale Moon compatible way.
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