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gentoo overlay

Post by globus » 2020-07-15, 02:46

Давненько уже перестал обновляться в gentoo, требует другой компилятор. Новые версии приходят, но скомпилироваться не могут:

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 .[32;01m*.[0m Checking compiler profile...
 .[31;01m*.[0m Building Pale Moon with a compiler other than a supported gcc version
 .[31;01m*.[0m may result in an unstable build.
 .[31;01m*.[0m You can use gcc-config to change your compiler profile, just remember
 .[31;01m*.[0m to change it back afterwards.
 .[31;01m*.[0m You need to have the appropriate versions of gcc installed for them
 .[31;01m*.[0m to be shown in gcc-config.
 .[31;01m*.[0m Alternatively, you can set the PALEMOON_ENABLE_UNSUPPORTED_COMPILERS
 .[31;01m*.[0m environment variable to 1 either by exporting it from the current shell
 .[31;01m*.[0m or by adding it to your make.conf file.
 .[31;01m*.[0m Be aware though that building Pale Moon with an unsupported compiler
 .[31;01m*.[0m means that the official support channels may refuse to offer any
 .[31;01m*.[0m kind of help in case the build fails or the browser behaves incorrectly.
 .[31;01m*.[0m Supported GCC versions: 4.9, 5.4, 7.3, 8.2, 8.3, 9.2
 .[31;01m*.[0m Selected GCC version: 9.3
На почту обслуживающую оверлеи написал, ответа нет. Куда можно обратиться?

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Re: gentoo overlay

Post by Moonchild » 2020-07-15, 11:06

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