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Post by Xx_Mlgamer_xX » 2016-08-03, 23:55

hello I am new to the forum I'm using pale moon to about three days I am Brazilian and I really enjoyed the more I browser with ploblemas to create themes for the pale moon when starting the browser is completely black making me uninstall it and then reinstall sorry any mistake because I use google translator :D :D :D :D :D

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Moon Magic practitioner
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Post by lyceus » 2016-08-04, 04:41


You don't need to reinstall Pale Moon, better made a profile for your tests. Run in command line "palemoon.exe -p" at the Pale Moon folder. Then made a new profile for tests and change to that. If the theme fails, you can run again this command and return to your normal profile.

Other solution is to use the portable version that runs self-contained and don't affect the installed version of Pale Moon.

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