Pale Moon updated to 25.7.3!

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Pale Moon updated to 25.7.3!

Unread postby Moonchild » Wed, 14 Oct 2015, 11:52

This is a usability update needed due to the fact that Mozilla has shut down their key exchange (J-PAKE) server along with the old Sync servers. This was unexpected and required us to set up our own key server (testing indicates this works as-expected, but please do report any issues on the forum) - which also required reconfiguration of the browser.

Please note that older versions of the browser will no longer be able to link devices to a sync account using the 12-character code since it requires a Mozilla server no longer present. If you need this functionality, you must update to this version or later.

We will continue to use this secure[1] method of exchanging your recovery key and server settings when you link new devices to our Pale Moon Sync service.

[1] Password Authenticated Key Exchange by Juggling security proof

EDIT: It seems the server address in the Android code was not in a logical place and hard-coded inside a .java file. the Android version of Pale Moon will be updated shortly to have proper configuration.
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