No Pale Moon 6.0.1 for DigiNotar fiasco

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No Pale Moon 6.0.1 for DigiNotar fiasco

Post by Moonchild » 2011-08-30, 10:03

DigiNotar has seen an illigitimate root CA certificate issued following a hack.
The certificate has been revoked and this should cover anyone using it for on-line SSL connections.

Pale Moon will not be updated to 6.0.1 to incorporate an additional security measure that will normally never be needed.
The update would be a lot of work for simply deleting a certificate from the built-in certificate store, which you can do yourself as well (if you are really worried that the certificate revocation won't be picked up by Pale Moon) by following the steps here:

Additional remark: after you follow the steps on the URL above and you go back into the certificate manager in v6, you will see the certificate has been re-listed again. However, even if listed (you can't delete a built-in, just distrust it), if you check the button "edit trust" on the certificate, you will see that it is not trusted to be used for anything, which has the same effect as physically deleting it from the store.
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