Pale Moon for Linux is moving!

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Pale Moon for Linux is moving!

Unread post by Moonchild » 2015-06-12, 07:48

Pale Moon for Linux will be moving from SourceForge to our own in-house server soon. Version 25.5.* will be the last version that is offered on SourceForge.

We are moving away from SourceForge for a few reasons:
  • Pale Moon includes strong encryption methodology that would be subject to US cryptography export laws on SourceForge. Since we have no intention to compromise on user security, we are currently using SourceForge in the "grey area" of still being condoned as-such, but it's not exactly correct.
  • SourceForge has been very unscrupulous in its applying of stub installers to Open Source software to bundle "offers"; even going as far as hijacking abandoned accounts to plant their stub installers in place or otherwise control previous projects' sites without consent. We cannot condone that kind of behavior.
  • SourceForge is too advertisement-heavy these days to be a comfortable place to host Pale Moon.
We will be posting more details as the new site/server is being set up.
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Re: Pale Moon for Linux is moving!

Unread post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2016-04-11, 22:36

For some reason this Announcement's follow up was never.. Followed up on.

The home of Pale Moon for Linux is at