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Help Pale Moon out!

Unread post by Moonchild » 2011-09-13, 07:33

In this day and age, I understand that donations (even small amounts) are hard to justify if you have an (almost) empty wallet yourself. Since I am not one to easily beg, I will not ask that you give what you can't spare to help development of the browser.

There is, however, a different way in which you can help:

The default Pale Moon start page ( has a Google ad banner at the bottom and shows some ads in the search results. Every click on those ads will provide a small amount of commission that will go into a fund for better hardware.

The problem is that a lot of people use ad-blockers, which prevents these ads from being shown - the way you can help, therefore, is to simply allow ads on (e.g. AdBlockPlus: disable on to have them shown.

The search results is a little trickier, but the URL of that page always starts with

Code: Select all
so if you can exclude pages with a URL that starts with that, you are also helping Pale Moon by displaying the (text) ads on the search results page!
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