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Pale Moon Commander to be removed from

Posted: 2015-05-23, 14:53
by Moonchild
Hi folks,

Following the unscrupuled tactic of Mozilla to require extensions to be signed by their review team, regardless if you wish to use as a distribution platform or not, I will remove Pale Moon Commander from (AMO) on the day this signing will happen,May 28th 2015.

EDIT: I will be removing this on the 25th as soon as possible (AMO won't let me delete it right now, a bug in their administrative interface), see below, to make absolutely sure nobody can violate the license agreement this extension falls under.

After this removal from AMO, the only way to use Pale Moon Commander will be by installing it from the Pale Moon website, the Pale Moon addons site, or any software portals that may mirror the extension.
Come Firefox 41, this will also therefore mean that Pale Moon Commander will no longer be usable on Mozilla Firefox, unless there is a rebuild of the browser that has this draconic "sole arbiter" nonsense disabled.

Apologies to all Firefox users impacted by this, but I will have no part of this undocumented platform-side signing BS to make every volunteer and supportive extension developer solely dependent on what a Mozilla reviewer thinks of their extension.

Re: Pale Moon Commander to be removed from addons.mozilla.or

Posted: 2015-05-25, 11:55
by Moonchild
An additional note, and why I am removing this sooner than posted: Mozilla signing the extension would be a direct violation of the extension's freeware license, because they would be altering the xpi, which is explicitly not allowed.