Adblock Latitude released!

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Adblock Latitude released!

Post by Moonchild » 2014-11-20, 10:38

Adblock Latitude (ABL), our in-house fork of Adblock Plus, has been released!

If you are currently a user of Adblock Plus or Adblock Edge, you should switch to Adblock Latitude.

The extension:
  • Is a drop-in replacement for ABP and will pick up your ABP settings.
  • Also replaces ABE, because it does not include the "acceptable ads" feature.
  • Can still show acceptable ads if you wish it and wish to support the Internet economy, by enabling the relevant filter (under subscriptions) manually.
  • Is only compatible with Pale Moon, version 25 (and later).
  • Is able to communicate with ABP helper extensions like the Element Hiding Helper to extend its functionality.
A few things to note when switching:
  • If you switch from ABP to ABL, please uninstall ABP, install ABL, and then exit & re-launch your browser to update the extension data like display texts and icons properly.
  • If you switch from ABE to ABL, please uninstall ABE as it will otherwise conflict with ABL. You will have to reconfigure the adblocker since it will not pick up ABE's settings. Please make a note of any custom filters and settings before you uninstall ABE.
You can download the current version of ABL (3.0) from the add-ons website.
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