Illegal redistributions

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Illegal redistributions

Post by Moonchild » 2012-04-11, 22:30

An important note to everyone:

There is currently NO endorsed "multi-language" or foreign language (non en-US) distribution of the portable Pale Moon browser.

Any and all multi-language or non-English distributions that are offered in several different places are therefore illegal redistributions and in violation of the the Pale Moon redistribution license (specifically, point 3).

Endorsed modified or deviating builds are listed on the Pale Moon "Third party contributed builds" page found at

If you see other distributions that are not listed (Make sure to check first!), please:
  1. If you can, report them to the place hosting them (that includes file hosting services they are frequently hosted on like depositfiles, megaupload, etc. etc.)
  2. If you can, report the listing of them on the website you found them on (report it to the software site/listing site you saw it on)
  3. Discourage anyone and everyone from downloading, promoting or redistributing these files
  4. Do not trust them. Illegally altered distributions have a large risk of having malicious payloads
It falls outside of my time and capacity to hunt these "repackers", "modders", etc. down or to chase after them when they have been found with take-down notices, so if and when you see this kind of illegal activity, do what you can to help Pale Moon remain safe and secure by reporting this directly to the people involved in distribution. Reporting these illegal mods/repacks to me will be of little use because I don't have the time to go out and demand a take-down in most cases. Please try to do what you, yourself, can, directly to the people distributing them or to the channels they are distributed through. Consider reporting these things to me as a last resort, escalation sort of thing.
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