Beta testers wanted

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Beta testers wanted

Post by Moonchild » 2011-09-07, 16:07

The situation is that I often find myself (very much) short on time to run the browser through an acceptance test after building it. This causes delays in releasing the browser, which I'd rather avoid.

So I'm currently looking for beta testers, to (at least) test final builds or intended final builds of the browser for showstopper bugs.
You may also get some intermediate "true beta" builds to test if you're a beta tester.

I'm looking for people on several different platforms (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7) and different hardware (AMD/Intel, and ranging from old to new hardware that is supported (A64/P4 to the latest and greatest processors).

I'm also specifically looking for people on Athlon XP processors and other CPUs that support SSE but not SSE2 (PIII, PIII-m, etc.) for the AthlonXP/SSE build of 3.6

You'll be given access to a beta tester forum on this board where you will find links to pre-release downloads and information, and where you can give feedback on the binaries in testing context.

Send me a PM with your system specs, etc. if you are interested.
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