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Pale Moon updated to 24.6.2

Posted: 2014-06-16, 13:07
by Moonchild
Pale Moon has been updated to 24.6.2!

This release should address the last of the teething problems with the graphics engine overhaul, and includes the following changes:
  • Automate rendering back-end selection and use cairo as appropriate.
    This should fix start-up problems on all types of graphics cards, regardless of vendor.
  • Fix font subpixel rendering in menus when on cairo backend (D2D off)
  • Cairo: Prevent falling back to padding when not strictly needed.
    Performance regression fix if D2D isn't used.
  • Azure: Use correct device offsets.
  • Prevent crashes due to the allocation of source surfaces to errored surfaces
    This prevents some miscellaneous browser crashes occurring with cairo on azure.