Pale Moon updated to 24.6.1

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Pale Moon updated to 24.6.1

Post by Moonchild » 2014-06-08, 21:38

Pale Moon has been updated to 24.6.1 to address the startup issues some people have reported after updating to 24.6, as well as a few miscellaneous other things.

  • Update to address startup crashes if users had previously changed the setting for Azure for Content
    The rendering back-end detection routine was A Little BrokenTM and would try to use wrong settings or a back-end that wasn't valid.
  • Update for texture handling to restore GDI compatibility (should fix some graphics glitches on some cards/drivers)
  • Fix to handle invalid PDF plugin overlay state
  • Misc. additional security fixes ported over from Firefox (bug #991981, bug #995679, bug #999651, bug #1009952, bug #1011007)
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