Addressing a few hot topics and general misconceptions

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Addressing a few hot topics and general misconceptions

Postby Moonchild » Fri May 16, 2014 2:19 pm

To provide some clarity, here's an announcement about a few hot topics and general misconceptions:

  • Pale Moon is in no way affiliated with the (for-profit) Mozilla Corporation or (non-profit) Mozilla Foundation.
  • Pale Moon will continue, now and in the future, to have a familiar set of controls and efficient, intuitive UI. "Australis", the Firefox 29 new interface, will not be adopted in Pale Moon.
  • Pale Moon will not implement DRM, including but not limited to "EME" or Adobe's closed-source encryption module. If you wish to access DRM-protected content, you should use a site-specific, appropriate plugin.
  • Pale Moon will not implement advertisements on its QuickDial page.
  • Pale Moon implements all of the most recent security patches. Don't be fooled by the major version number "24", which is maintained solely for (clarity about) extension compatibility.
  • Pale Moon, including the 64-bit version, is built strictly from release code. Unstable and experimental (nightly) code is never used.
  • Despite what certain people insist on perpetuating, Pale Moon is not a "simple rebuild" of Firefox with some reconfigurations. A lot of work has gone into Pale Moon to create and maintain its current feature set, user interface, stability and performance. It is an alternative, divergent browser project that cannot be directly compared with Firefox anymore.
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