Pale Moon 24.5 released!

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Pale Moon 24.5 released!

Post by Moonchild » 2014-04-25, 10:04

Pale Moon 24.5.0 has been released! This is an important update, even though most of the changes are not visible to the user ("under the hood").

  • Fix plugin doorhanger code for removed-node confusion.
    Previously, on certain pages/websites, the plugin indicator at the start of the address bar would (incorrectly) become visible, and when clicked, would present a blank plugin pop-up panel ("doorhanger") with blank buttons. This should now no longer happen.
  • Remove Mozilla Corp specific details from search plugins, to clearly indicate the client is Pale Moon and to make sure searches are never counted towards other browser's searches by mistake by search providers.
    This will clarify Pale Moon's browser identity, aid in proper web browser use statistics, and makes doubly sure that no revenue is generated by mistake for the Mozilla-Google and similar contracts from the use of Pale Moon.
  • Make sure to set both "warnOnClose" and "warnOnCloseOther" prefs to false when users choose to disable this check in the popup prompt.
    Previously, using the pop-up choice to "not warn when closing multiple tabs" would only set the option for one of the two scenarios. This is now in line with the previous change made to these settings in the Preferences window.
  • Update branding: Remove nightly branding altogether - only have unofficial+official, and fix the broken About dialog branding.
    Considering Pale Moon does not use Nightly, Aurora, or Beta channels, the branding as such has been removed. This leaves 2 types of branding:
    1. Unofficial branding (the default if you build Pale Moon from source yourself) called "New Moon"
      This unofficial branding does not have restrictions for distribution, and you are free to build and distribute your own binaries with this branding.
    2. Official branding, "Pale Moon"
      The official branding of Pale Moon, which you may only use for binaries you build from source to use yourself and not distribute without express permission, in accordance with the Pale Moon redistribution license.
  • Bugfix: Clamp level of WebGL TexImage operations to 32-bits to avoid issues on x64 architectures.
  • Linux theme: Update of the feed icon.
  • Bugfix: Add Firefox Compatibility flag to unofficial branding.
  • Workaround for several prominent websites complaining about an "outdated browser".
  • Several (build process) changes to enhance performance and stability of the resulting binaries.
Security fixes:
  • bug #987003 - Be more careful sandboxing javascript: URLs.
  • bug #952022 - Add missing detachAsmJSModule.
  • bug #986843 - Replace AutoHoldZone with AutoCompartmentRooter.
  • bug #989183 - Check for nsXBLJSClass.
  • bug #980537 - Only store FakeBackstagePass instances in mThisObjects.
  • bug #986678 - Fix type check in TryAddTypeBarrierForWrite.
  • bug #966006 - Fix security issue in DNS resolver.
  • bug #944353 - Avoid spurious decoding of corrupt images.
  • bug #969226 - Avoid buffer overflow in corrupt ICC profiles.
  • bug #991471 - Fix offset when setting host on URL.
  • bug #993546 - Don't try to malloc-free 0-size memory chunks.
  • bug #992968 - Avoid OOM problems with JIT code caching
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