Pale Moon 24.4.1 released!

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Pale Moon 24.4.1 released!

Post by Moonchild » 2014-03-19, 11:43

This is a small update to fix a few bugs and update the browsers' security (bringing it fully on-par with Firefox 28-release)

  • Bugfix: the new status bar code in 24.4.0 had a bug, preventing the downloads panel/window from opening when clicking on the download status indicator. There may have been a few other, similar small usability bugs in the same code that have now been fixed.
  • Feature update: Selecting "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" in the Options window will now apply both to closing a window and closing other tabs in the tab bar.
  • bug #940714 - Add an RAII class to make synchronous raster image decoding safer.
  • bug #896268 - Use a stateless approach to synchronous image decoding. (security fix)
  • bug #982909 - Consistently use inner window when calling OpenJS. (security fix)
  • bug #982957 - Fix crash if certain sweeps run out of memory. (security fix)
  • bug #982906 - Remove option for security bypass in URI building. (security fix)
  • bug #983344 - JavaScript: Simplify typed arrays and fix GC loops. (security fix)
  • bug #982974 - Be paranoid about neutering ArrayBuffer objects. (security fix)
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