Illegal redistributions part II

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Illegal redistributions part II

Post by Moonchild » 2013-10-18, 15:21

Since I can impossibly run after all the thousands of software sites out there, so if you find an illegal redistribution that uses a download stub/wrapper/helper, please report it to them directly.

Be warned that using a software site's download manager or stub installer can potentially install spyware or other malware on your system that is unrelated to the actual program you are trying to install. Often these installers are slapped on to "monetize" on the software being offered in one way or another and can severely compromise your security, privacy and system run-time operation if installed.
Be aware that this kind of installer should not be considered part of the software you are attempting to get as it is slapped on by the software site owners and not by the original developer(s). Most software developers do not have a restriction on this kind of behavior but Pale Moon does, and software sites are not allowed to offer the browser through a third party installer or downloader.

You can use the following template, and adjust it as-needed (fill in the red text at least) for the individual sites:
Dear Sir(s), Madam(s),

I would like to call your immediate attention to the following problem with your listing of Pale Moon ([provide URL to product page on their site])
Your offered download of the browser by way of the "[name stub/downloader/adware]" is in direct violation of the Pale Moon binary redistribution license, specifically point 4:

[Redistribution is permitted, provided that:]
"4. The binaries can be obtained without requiring the use of third party software not officially endorsed, including but not limited to: download managers, stub installers, wrappers, proprietary clients or proprietary protocols."

As such it is imperative that you immediately remove the third party Pale Moon stub/downloader from your site and either provide a direct download of the unaltered binary packages, or completely remove Pale Moon as a listing from your site.

Thank you for your cooperation,

For the Pale Moon project,

If, after a reasonable amount of time, this isn't solved, then get in touch with me and I'll apply some pressure. I'm sure they'd prefer not to lose their domain name and/or hosting.
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