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New milestone soon

Unread post by Moonchild » 2023-11-12, 11:14

As we continue to work on primarily back-end improvements, Pale Moon will get a new milestone (v33) at the start of next year. Exact dates have not been set yet and we may have a few point/security updates on 32.5 while the new milestone is worked on, so it may break our normal release cadence. We're focusing on modernizing our code base to take advantage of better compilation optimization and unifying code across platforms where we can as cross-platform (C++) language standards have been converging. For the end-user this will be almost entirely transparent but it's a necessary step to move forward with the platform and browser, and will take some time to get done and properly tested before it's release-ready.

This announcement is primarily a heads up for people working on themes and extensions where compatibility versions will need to be updated. This new milestone will not see any major changes to the Pale Moon application code (front-end) and is, as said, primarily for back-end improvements, so compatibility should not require anything special in terms of code or styling. Otherwise just a request to please be patient while we work under the hood on what drives Pale Moon. Please do keep your browser updated in the meantime as it will, by its very nature, be the application most exposed to potentially harmful and hostile content.
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