Migrating repositories off of GitHub

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Migrating repositories off of GitHub

Unread post by Moonchild » 2020-10-21, 13:21

We're currently migrating our source repositories off of GitHub, with how Microsoft is constantly shifting focus towards requiring WebComponents and Chrome/Chromium web clients (like Chredge) and ongoing destruction of the UX on GitHub in general, making use of the foundry difficult even if you satisfy their requirements.

While this migration is in progress we ask that if you have any new issues you need to report, that you report them on the forum first and foremost (which is a good idea anyway, preventing issue trackers from being used for support requests that aren't actual development issues).
The new home for Moonchild Productions repositories will be a self-hosted Gitea instance. We (or rather Tobin, specifically) will maintain a mirrored repository for the platform on GitHub.

I'll update the website links when I get around to it.
Expect the new home to be unstable until it's not. We're working on configuring everything.
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